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Check out my entire gallery please. It's a lot more different stuff than what is just here.


All my favorites are everything that has impressed me, astonished me, made me laugh ( comic wise) , or want. I'm not one who adds a lot of faves to gain attention. I only fave good stuff to my opinion. So if you are in here, should be happy I guess.


For starters, I'm pissed that in the agreement for signing up to this site, that basically your art can legally be taken by dA.…

I don't stand for that. Been here for 7 long years and it hurts to learn about this. I should have read the agreement but COME ON!!! This is WRONG!!!

Debating on leaving, going to a different site. Someone suggested to me Tumblr but I am still confused by the whole how to organize my tumblr.

*sigh* but I LOVE seeing the art on here, and I follow many comics.

So I'm thinking of deleting everything, moving on to somewhere better. But making a new dA to watch my favorite people still.
Idk still a thought because really and truly this is hard.

Another note.

I REFUSE to see ANYTHING NEW of Pokemon Sun and Moon. I'm already staying off of here, fb, tumblr and so forth. All social media till I can finally play the game. I don't get how people get excited over spoilers. How is the game fun when you know exactly what is coming? Like a movie, you don't want to be spoiled before the movie or it ruins it.
So yea, I saw the starters, box legendaries, and the puppy pokemon but THAT IS IT.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Emily + Sakura = Emakura! It's a combination of my real name and my very old nickname.

I'm 23, my passion in this world are Pokemon and Animals, and a lot of times express that in my art.

I prefer traditional artwork with paint, but I do other forms from colored pencils to photography; just started digital artwork and testing the waters with about everything really. My work consists mostly of Pokemon, HTTYD, animals, and Neopets .

I recently have been interning at a wonderful sanctuary called Survival Outreach Sanctuary for Wildlife, and I absolutely am blessed to be part of it. So now I have a lot of artwork and photos from animals that call that place home. Also I am very blessed to have become the newest member on the board of directors.

((A note to all: I don't consider myself at all a "pro" in my art. Art is art and this is pretty much my practice and improving stage in my art life. I do like to submit in groups in order to gain more crit and to just share my work. Not these "attention-getter" like most people do. But anyway the point is I enjoy doing my art. But I am NO PRO, and I am just practicing to become one. This is also a lesson to others out there.))

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Oh my literally work with tigers. 

You are awesome. Never change. 
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Thank you so much!!!!!! 8D Means a ton. I
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:hug: Never stop being amazing! 
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AlbinoFluttershy Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2016
Hey there! Airborne

Want to take a chance on getting some cool stuff for your Neopet?

Just tell me how many numbers you want (see numbers and pricing below), pay for your numbers (if you can't pay now, pay by January 29), and I'll give you some random numbers!

  • 1 Number: 25 Points
  • 3 Numbers: 50 Points
  • 6 Numbers: 100 Points
  • 12 Numbers: 250 Points
  • SPECIAL DEAL! 24 Numbers: 500 Points

I hope you get something nice! Wink/Razz
Deelfinoiy Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist

Hello fellow neopal!

My friend :iconalbinofluttershy: is hosting a giveaway on Neopets which includes some nifty wearable balloons! If you own a Kacheek, then you may qualify for this giveaway.   Here is the original journal with all of the rules, and these are the recent updates.


Have a wonderful day!
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